The new Galileo Optical Tremolo is a full analogue optical tremolo with versatile regulations, tap tempo and modulation controls.  The heart of Galileo is an internal analogue oscillator that controls an high quality photodiode producing the tremolo: the activation and de-activation of this match let Galileo’s tremolo effect be very natural without distortion of the input signal.

Footswitches: Galileo is provided with two true-bypass footswitches: GO and TAP.

  •       With GO footswitch Galileo activate the tremolo effect and the output signal is modulated by the photodiode and the oscillator.
  • ·       With TAP footswitch it is possible to set the tremolo oscillator period as desired by pressing TAP.

    Knobs: Galileo is provided with five knobs that let you fully control the analogue oscillator and the tremolo effect as desired.

  •       SPEED: on manual mode SPEED knob let you manually set the tremolo speed as desired.
  •       DEPTH: controls the amount of tremolo effect added to the input signal.
  •       SMOOTH: sets how strong is the impact of the analogue oscillator into the photodiode conduction, responsible of the tremolo effect.
  •       SPACE: set the attach of the tremolo compared to the oscillator settings. SPACE let you set when the photodiode will be activated concerning the oscillator signal amplitude.
  •       SYM: the photodiode is turned on/ off when the oscillator sinusoidal signal is at the peak / bottom of the amplitude. SYM sets the relation between the oscillator waveform and the photodiode conduction by modifying the peak/bottom position of the oscillator.

LED status: Galileo pedal is provided with a dedicated led status indication that let the user understand the pedal status. Galileo comes with two leds on top of the footswitches GO and TAP.


    •       TAP SPEED: The TAP speed defined by pressing the TAP footswitch is matched with the TAP SPEED selector. It has tree positions: 1x, 2x and 3x. This selector let the oscillator period that has been set with the TAP footswitch be modified as follow:
    •       SPEED MOD: controls the speed modulation of the tremolo. When a speed tremolo has been set, this control let it be possible to automatically modify the tremolo speed.

For more information or to become a dealer, please contact: Massimo Dolce at or +1.773.501.9889.