SIM1 Sound Imprinting Releases the XT-B Bass Profiler

Forlì, Italy – November 13, 2019 – With XT-B Bass Profiler by SIM1, a bass player has the opportunity to unlimited basses with one pedal.  It is not midi, and it is not sampling: it is an innovative technology never seen before which SIM1 calls Smart Tone Shaping (STS – patented technology), and it makes the XT-B capable of learning or profiling the sound characteristics of a bass and modeling it to perfectly reproduce the sound of any other bass guitars, with no latency or digital artifacts.  A musician can choose his favorite bass profile among the presets included in the device – for example a Fender Jazz 64, double bass or Höfner 500 violin, or choose from a variety of iconic bass profiles by connecting a smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the XT-B via wi-fi (adapter included) and downloading the free SIM1 App.  A bassist with the XT-B no longer needs to travel with more than one instrument.

Priced at $699, the XT-B is the bass guitar’s answer to the XT-1 Guitar Profiler, awarded Best in NAMM 2018 in the category Add-On or Accessory, which allows guitarists to perfectly reproduce the sound of any other electric or acoustic guitars – such as a Telecaster 1964, a Gibson SG 1973 or a Music Man Axis.

On-Board Options:

  • BRM (Body Resonance Modeling Technology) for more realism of acoustic instrument emulation (i.e. Double Bass).
  • Overdrive, designed to give the tone some warmth, crunch and gain.
  • Cabinets Impulse Responses, Up to 4096 length, 7 pre-sets, 3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor.
  • Natural Reverb by SIM1
  • Tone Control
  • Midi compatible via MIDI/USB adapter (optional)

Sim1 is a Company based in Forlì (Romagna-Italy) specialized in the development, production and commercialization of innovative devices for guitar/bass players.  For more information visit

Lyon & Healy Corporation is the North American distributor of the XT-1 and XT-B, for dealer information contact 1.312.226.1705 or