Relish Guitars Reviewed in Viral YouTube Videos

Chicago, IL – April 21, 2019 –Darrell Braun, Canadian YouTuber, reviewed Relish Guitars in a video titled “The Most Advanced Guitar That Nobody Knows About!” In less than 24 hours it received over 130,000 views, and tens of thousands of guitar enthusiasts harmoniously went to Relish Guitars website.  The immediate increase in traffic caused a brief crash to their website.  Relish Guitar promptly responded to this issue and set up new powerful servers to handle the rising number of traffic.  To date, the overnight viral video has over 785,000 views on YouTube.  Darrell Braun released a second video titled “Relish Guitars *Instant* Pickup Swapping! – Seymour Duncan vs. Bare Knuckle!” which highlights Relish’s patented Pickup Swapping System which enables a guitarist to swap out his pickups (and sound) within just seconds. Contact us for sales and dealer information.