Lyon & Healy Corporation Established as Distribution Division of Lyon & Healy Harps

Chicago, IL – November 14, 2017 – Lyon & Healy Harps, the world renown harpmaker with a prestigious musical history since 1864 in superiority in musical manufacturing and wholesaling, is proud to announce the creation of a new distribution division – Lyon & Healy Corporation.  This new endeavor, based out of its Chicago headquarters, was established to provide a unique distribution channel specifically designed for the premium quality musical instrument and accessories market.

Lyon & Healy Corporation has appointed Massimo Dolce as Sales Director for the North America territory.  Dolce brings 20 years of professional experience in the music industry, with broad-based knowledge and expertise in sales and product management.

One of the first brands to join Lyon & Healy Corporation in an exclusive USA and Canada distribution agreement is Swiss-made Relish Guitars.  In just its initial three years, Relish has seen amazing growth in the US, European, Japanese and Chinese markets by inspiring musicians with an innovative approach to guitar building.  Their guitars feature a “floating sandwich construction” which contributes to their unique sound and extensive sustain and vibrancy.  Thomas Nordegg, Guitar Tech for Steve Vai, states, “This is the Rolex within the guitar arena…right in line with the Swiss watch maker tradition…”

Silvan Küng, Co-Founder, Relish Guitars Switzerland, states, “With Lyon & Healy Corporation we are proud to have won a partner for the Northern American territory who, with 153 years of experience, understands the production and distribution of premium instruments.  Tradition and the future are combined through this promising alliance.”

In addition to Relish Guitars, Lyon & Healy Corporation will also be the exclusive North American distributor of the Delta, which combines centuries of traditional craftmanship into a solid body model with cutting-edge audio technology.  This versatile new design, a Red Dot Award 2017 Winner, utilizes innovative use of a base, stand or strap allowing a musician to play sitting or mobile.  The Delta provides an extended bass range while its bridge pickup system offers a clean sound across the frequency spectrum and the opportunity to play techniques like pitch bending and slides.

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Editor’s Note: The Lyon & Healy Corporation, Delta and Relish Guitars logos and product images available upon request.