Dophix® are handmade high-end guitar effects produced in Italy with point-to-point soldering aimed to recreate a warm vintage sound of the 70s. On the market since 2015, their sound research is manic – music must express emotions. Each DOPHIX® pedal is unique and entirely handmade in Dophix’s Florence, Italy factory, and they personally take care of every stage of production and testing, in order to guarantee the highest quality. The effects line is characterized by our robust box structure, potentiometers and switches. There is no substitution for quality. The DOPHIX® effects are extremely quiet, excluding any background noise. A distinctive element of our products is the presence of an LED at the base. Not only beautiful to see, but useful in giving more visibility to the musician on stage. The current effects range consists of: overdrive, fuzz, distortion, boost, compressor, booster, tremolo, chorus/phaser, blender.

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